PLI Responds to Coin Shortage with Enhanced Solutions
PLI Responds to Coin Shortage with Enhanced Solutions

PLI Brings Coin Shortage Relief to Retailers and Industry Partners

LAS VEGAS, NV – July, 2020 – PLI Card Marketing Solutions (, a global provider of gift and loyalty cards and related services, announces two new programs designed to assist merchants and consumers impacted by the current U.S. coin shortage: the Change-Back cash value card program and the Everyday Spending Card program. PLI is providing enhanced strategic support and design services to assist retailers wishing to launch either of the two programs.

Change-Back cash value cards are branded single-use cards that are issued on a temporary basis to cash customers in lieu of coin change. Shoppers typically enjoy some boosted value or benefit tied to the card and will spend the cards like cash on a future purchase. PLI provides consultative assistance during program design in order to simplify implementation and improve the likelihood of a positive shopper response.

Everyday Spending Cards are ideal for those brands wishing to address the coin shortage with a longer-term program that offers greater marketing potential. Everyday Spending Cards are stored value cards initially issued as change during cash transactions or purchased for face-value. Shoppers may add value to the cards as often as they like and continue to use the cards for routine purchases.

“Brick-and-mortar merchants are increasingly facing shortages of coins in some areas of the country, and it’s not yet clear how widespread and long-lasting the shortages may become” shared Thomas Garland, President & CEO at PLI Card Marketing Solutions. “Understanding that a lost sale or poor transaction experience can hurt future retail sales, we want to make sure we deliver solutions that are tailored to meet each of our customers’ needs.”

According to Andy Wersel, PLI’s Senior VP of Sales, “We support each step in the process, from card design and promotion to production, distribution, and card replenishment. We also recognize that for many of our customers, the coin shortage is presenting immediate challenges. With 3 production facilities across the United States, PLI has the scale and redundancy to accommodate customers in need of a rapid program launch.”

PLI is a leading global provider of key card, gift, loyalty and membership card marketing solutions, including card production, personalization, fulfillment, direct mail, creative and print services.



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