Best Ways to Display and Sell In-Store Gift Cards
Best Ways to Display and Sell In-Store Gift Cards

Gift cards allow your customers to share their love for your brand with others. While they may seem unassuming, these cards have immense potential to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to your shop. Plus, research shows they can lift your sales, with 61% of consumers spending more than the value of the gift card when they use it for a purchase.

Gift cards are big business, but creating them is only half the battle. You’ll need unique gift card displays that grab your customers’ attention and increase sales. Keep reading to learn how to make a gift card stand out and ensure your customers buy them up.

How Do You Display Gift Cards?

The best way a store can display gift cards is by ensuring they’re front and center in your shop with bold eye-catching displays. Below, we’ve compiled six of the best ways to make your cards stand out and ensure customers return again and again:

1. Eye-Catching and Unique Packaging

Before even displaying your gift cards, the card and packaging design must be unique and attractive enough to catch the customer’s eye. Think unique colors, shapes and accents that impress your gift card recipients and encourage them to show their gift to others.

Your card doesn’t need to be the standard opaque, rectangular design — accentuate your brand with circular, diamond shapes and even transparent designs that stand out.

2. Signage

From window and front door clings to dressing room and restaurant signs, it’s essential to advertise that you have gift cards. After all, customers won’t know about your gift cards without the proper marketing.

Place large signs near the register and on your windows to generate awareness. Passersby might not be able to stop in or shop for long, but if they see your window sign, perhaps they’ll grab a gift card while on the go. After all, gift cards make quick, easy gifts. If you own a restaurant, placing a sign on each table is an excellent marketing strategy.

3. Display Stands

Display stands make displaying your gift cards easy. They also provide plenty of opportunities to get creative. Place them on your checkout counter or any surface where you get a lot of traffic. These displays can be permanent or temporary seasonal displays. Use custom display cases and switch out the inserts with bold, colorful signs to attract customers.

Depending on your gift card’s location, customers might overlook your cards or not know you offer them. Designing attractive display stands can accentuate your cards and make them pop so customers are more likely to purchase them. Wall displays can also ensure customers see your gift cards as soon as they enter your store.

4. Point-of-Sale

The best way a store can sell gift cards is by placing them in the point-of-sale (POS) area. It ensures your gift cards don’t go unnoticed, and each customer can reach for them without getting in anyone’s way.

Your checkout counter should offer multiple card displays, neatly displayed and organized to provide various options for customers. Switch out their designs for specific holidays and ensure they’re bright and bold enough to attract customers.

5. Buttons

Provide your employees with buttons that advertise your gift cards or current gift card promotions. Make the phrases on the buttons short and sweet so customers are more likely to read them. They might say, “Ask me about gift cards,” or “Want a free $10 gift card?”

A button serves as a conversation starter so your salesperson can upsell the customer. It also serves as a mini billboard for your gift card program to ensure customers can’t miss it.

6. Offer an Online Buying Option

The digital gift card industry is expected to reach $2,076.51 billion by 2027. With more customers shopping online and preferring contactless checkout methods, consider creating a simple online store to purchase gift cards and sharing the URL on in-store signage.

Encourage your customers to support your business by including the QR code for the website on receipts or shopping bags so they can’t miss it. Customers can then buy and pay for gift cards through your online store, with purchased gift cards delivered straight to their emails.

Top 5 Best Gift Card Accessories

Several accessories can help your gift cards stand out while accentuating their design. These supplementary items can guide customers to your gift cards in stores and help them gift them in style.

Here are five of the best gift card accessories to help you get started on your gift card program:

1. Gift Bags

An excellent way to draw attention to your gift cards is to include a free gift bag as a bonus. These bags can be built into the gift carrier and come with tissue paper to make them stand out. You might opt for a flat one or a roomier standing bag.

Gift bags encourage customers to purchase add-on items, helping increase your store’s bottom line. Strategically placing them alongside your eye-catching gift card displays can further promote personalized purchases. Integrated shopping bags add character to your gift card packaging and do well in shops that sell smaller items like candy, coffee or tea, cosmetics, candles or books.

2. One-Flip Box

A one-flip gift card box is a memorable way for customers to present gift cards to their recipients. These boxes include a card holder that “flips up” to present the card, accentuating it with a fun, unique flair. Choose from several styles and colors, or switch your boxes out for holiday designs with bows or glitter that meet the eye.

3. Sleeves

Gift card sleeves are an excellent holder for your card and a popular way for businesses to customize their cards for special events, holidays and more. Design your sleeve to show off your business logo and make them an extension of your card. Sleeves can make a big impression and make your cards feel more like a gift.

4. Envelopes

The gift card envelope is smaller than a regular envelope, allowing versatility. Customers can present the envelope on its own, attach it to a gift or slip it inside a greeting card. Customize your envelopes to meet the size and design of your gift cards. You might also add your logo to the envelope for extra promotion.

5. Carriers

It’s essential that your gift card program includes unique, memorable packaging. After all, 84% of consumers put their gift cards into something before gifting them, so you’ll want customers to go to you for a one-stop shop. Gift card carriers can enhance the value of your card and make it feel more personal. Entice your customers with these beautiful and unique packaging options.

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