Winter Holiday Gift Cards that Drive Results
Winter Holiday Gift Cards that Drive Results

Winter Holiday Gift Cards that Drive Results

Cards are still the most requested gift, so the popularity of giving gift cards during the winter holiday season remains strong. However, going to market with the right card designs and presentations creates an enjoyable customer experience that can grow your gift card program even more. 

Excited to Purchase and Thrilled to Receive

The ideal winter holiday designs resonate with the gift card recipient, making it evident the card selection was very personal. The more personality and relevance you add to a gift card, the better both the card giver and the card receiver feel about the gifting moment. 

Differentiate and appeal to individuality with a wide selection of targeted designs that incorporate unique – 

  • Hot and Cold Foils
  • Shapes, scents and textures
  • Specialty substrates and finishes

By offering a wide variety of personality-connecting card designs, customers experience that, “perfect for…,  gotta have it!” spontaneous add-on purchase.  

Add Something Special

Gift givers often look for that meaningful extra when selecting a gift, especially during the magical winter holiday season. They realize presenting gift cards in an engaging package gives the recipient something to open and enjoy at the gifting moment. Complement winter holiday cards with:  

  • Gift bags
  • Presentation boxes
  • Greeting Card
  • Keepsakes and novelties
  • Decorative tie-ons

And combining the special packaging with the gift card at point-of-purchase appeals to today’s convenience-seeking shoppers.

Eager to Share and Proud to Represent

Use the high volume of winter holiday shopping foot traffic to create a memorable in-store experience by offering a gift card selection that positions your organization as innovative and customer-focused.

Transform ordinary gift cards to extraordinary with artfully applied –  

  • Pearl-essence finishes
  • Rainbow and sparkle foils
  • Glitter highlights
  • Holographic-like effects

For additional proven, easy-to-implement and value add ideas on how to maximize your gift card sales this winter holiday season, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.



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