Winter Holiday Key Cards Celebrate the Experience
Winter Holiday Key Cards Celebrate the Experience

Winter Holiday Key Cards Celebrate the Experience

More than 107 million Americans will be traveling during the winter holiday season, and for many that means overnight hotel stays. The winter holidays are a magical time of year, and the perfect occasion to surprise and delight guests. Festive winter holiday themed key cards are the ideal way to start an enjoyable, memorable and repeat-worthy guest experience.

‘Tis the Season

Holidays are about having fun and creating memories. Hotel Key cards can help make it easier for your guests to do both. Use feel-good, winter holiday themed cards to promote unique seasonal attractions and activities, both on and off property -

  • Holiday teas
  • Light displays and decorations
  • Festive menus and drinks
  • Santa Visits
  • Winter sports
  • Holiday Shopping
  • Theater productions
  • Holiday parades
  • Museums and galleries

Taking the effort to make a guest’s stay special embeds a feeling and builds a connection; important to increasing return stays. Additionally, informing guests of all the wonderful, “must-do,” holiday experiences available can generate more spend per stay, as well as extend length of stay.

Design Helps Differentiate

In today’s market-of-me, hoteliers understand the importance of delivering a more personalized guest experience. Purposefully designed key cards that resonate with guests and make them feel appreciated are a cost effective, easy-to-implement way to create a more customized stay.

Add personality and allure to your key cards by offering a variety of card designs that connect with your guests; from the frequent business traveler to the vacationing family. Discern and appeal to individuality with targeted key card designs that incorporate unique –

  • Rainbow and sparkle foils
  • Shapes, scents and textures
  • Specialty substrates and finishes
  • Pearl-essence finishes
  • Glitter highlights
  • Holographic-like effect

Leverage design and creative excellence; present guests key cards that are memorable and photo-worthy, social media shareable. A fabulously designed key card can be a valuable, cost-effective marketing tool.

To find out how PLI can help you create winter holiday season and other special key cards that build successful experiences, customers and loyalty, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.



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