Change-Back cash value cards

Having trouble keeping change in the drawer during the current coin shortage?

In the event cash customers are not prepared with other payment methods, don't lose the lifetime value of a customer over pocket change.

Keep cash customers coming back by issuing Change-Back cash value cards in place of coin change.

How it works:

Step 1 – The shopper makes a purchase using non-exact cash payment.
Step 2 – The merchant loads a Change-Back cash value card with the value of the unavailable coin change.

Step 3 – The shopper brings the card back to the store on a future visit and spends it like cash.

It's that simple – Your brand retains valuable cash customers, and your stores enjoy the natural lift of more 
frequent visits and increased basket size.

To generate even more smiles, "Plus-Up" the value of the card to a round dollar (or to another higher value) 
and invite the shopper to "keep the change."

With four production facilities across the United States, PLI has the scale and redundancy to support a rapid program launch. To incorporate Change-Back cash value cards into your marketing strategy, contact PLI Card Marketing Solutions today for creative design, production, and fulfillment support.

Change-Back cash value cards solutions from PLI. We use our experience to make life's experiences better.


For more information about Change-Back cash value cards and all that PLI has to offer,

please contact +1 (828) 210-4754 or contact us here!


Download your PDF here! 

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