Design and Creative Services

  • Award winning designs

  • Elevation of artwork in relevant ways

  • Expertly applied technologies and techniques that add value

  • Prevention of commoditization at the card level

  • Marketing expertise to support design decisions

  • Insights & strategies that enhance the solutions we deliver

"Good design is good business."
Thomas J. Watson
A well-known department store chain was launching the return of children’s toys to several of their stores. To create interest and attention in the new toy offering, the marketing group decided to introduce Toy Shop gift cards. Looking for a fresh creative perspective, they turned to PLI for help. PLI’s Creative Services proposed designs with a fun-look that appealed to children. Two of the designs were immediately made available online as e-cards and within hours generated significant purchases. The retailer was so pleased with the results they intend to engage PLI’s Creative Services for their new in-store Toy Shop card designs as well.

At PLI we believe that a card is the smallest canvas for your brand. When somebody hands your company’s card to their niece, their father, their colleague it should uphold your brand. Every interaction a customer has with your brand should be consistently positive (at a minimum) – and should surprise and delight as often as possible. Too often, opportunities are missed – or even disregarded – when it comes to insisting on consummate design for gift cards and key cards. PLI is dedicated to designing cards and support materials that are engaging, beautiful and on-brand. We offer world-class creative services supported by industry and vertical research as well as brand immersion. And when our clients bring us their own designs we always look for ways to elevate them in relevant ways with expertly applied technologies and techniques that enhance the artwork and add value. When cards are considered throw-aways or valueless after-thought products, the company and brand name on those cards are denigrated. At PLI, we tirelessly seek to prevent commoditization at the card level. Tap into our design expertise and find out how we can add value to your card marketing program.


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