Diamond Crystal Paper - A Valuable Asset to your Gift Card Program

Emulating the status and glamour of diamonds, Diamond Crystal is ideal for –


  • Premium gift cards

  • Luxury card packaging

  • Prestige building carriers

  • Brand elevating loyalty cards

  • Keepsake-worthy event cards

  • Fashionable displays and signage

  • Direct marketing programs and more

Often considered heavenly, diamonds were once thought  to be particles from falling stars. To maximize the sway power  of Diamond Crystal Paper 
in your gift card and card packaging designs, you can  rely on the experience and artistic expertise of PLI’s award winning Creative Team.  

Diamond Crystal gift cards, carriers and packaging catch the eye and create excitement! This beautiful material amplifies the thoughtfulness of the buyer and creates joy for the recipient, conveying an extraordinary feeling of I am special.

These innovative gift cards and presenters are printed on a newly patented paper stock that parallels the attraction, luster and prestige of diamonds. Similar to the precious gemstone, Diamond Crystal gift cards and gift card packaging are the perfect way to express – 

  • You’re worth it!

  • Let’s celebrate!

  • I care.

  • You did it!


An elegant, stylish, sparkling gift card can influence purchase decisions by evoking emotion and creating a shareable, memorable experience.  Leverage the proven marketing genius behind diamonds with Diamond Crystal gift cards and packaging exclusively from PLI. 

To find out more how the allure of Diamond Crystal can create the  right impression with consumers, motivate purchases and strengthen your Card Marketing Program, contact PLI today. Download a PDF of this information here.

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