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PLI Raving Fan: Rod Owens

What motivates you in your role? The card industry is new to me. My background is in auto, medical, and tires mainly. It’s a challenge to learn something new and different. From the very first interaction with recruitment to meeting with my boss, I felt I could be helping PLI Las Vegas meet production needs. Teams and team leaders are very proud of their areas, and I want to work with people who take pride in their work.

What is your favorite thing about working here? The diversity! There are all types of people from all types of backgrounds working together for a common goal. It’s a team, not about ‘you’ or ‘I.’ Everyone helps everyone ‘get it done.’ My boss is a very good driver and the support you get from HR and upper management is the best I’ve ever seen.

What values of the company do you like most? Safety is huge! Any issue presented gets fixed. We are happy to provide a safe workplace.

Which aspects of your job make you the proudest? I feel joy in developing others to help them grow in their careers. When I see people come in and they start to learn the job and get a feel for it, I am happy to show them how they can grow into other positions or increase responsibility.

What is your favorite benefit/perk of working at PLI? One perk is watching a team develop, grow, and stay together. I love the way we are set up to recognize and reward employees through our GEM program.

What advice do you have for someone considering working or applying at PLI? First, have a mind open to new ideas because things change periodically. Be flexible and willing to learn. Be dedicated, not only to the team, but also to yourself. Be a team player. Add new ideas – don’t be afraid to make suggestions.

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