Designing for Life Events Can Trigger Gift Card Sales

Self-Gifting and Life Events 

Gift card sales for self-use are rising, especially among millennials. Leverage life event gift cards to benefit from this growth in popularity.


Self-use gift card purchases are  often motivated by budget taming, discount/reward incentives, or treat yourself behavior. Life stages are closely related to these same behaviors. A new home, baby, or starting out on your own often means a need to save because of added expenses, as well as a reason to celebrate and reward accomplishments.


A life stage gift card appeals to both!

With life events often having even greater impact on purchase decisions than generational categories, consider offering a variety of gift cards that recognize and celebrate key milestones, including -


  • College

  • New Career

  • Home Purchase

  • Marriage

  • Parenthood

  • Retirement

  • New Grandparent

Even if your brand’s niche does not connect with all life stages, most brands connect with a select few, and designing gift cards accordingly can generate both purposeful and spontaneous purchases.


Looking for something to give ______________ for _______________ - this is perfect!

Hadn’t planned on a gift, but that’s a good idea for _______________!

Multi-Appeal with Multi-Choice 

Designs that resonate with newly engaged couples, first-time and repeat parents, and empty nesters are likely varied. However, consumers often make gift purchases with all these audiences in mind. To capture all their spend, offer a wide selection of gift cards with relevance to all these life junctures. 

Support for Your Goals 

Bright colors and playful graphics may work great for celebrating off-to-college, but a retiree might prefer something with a travel and see-the-world look and feel. Whatever life stages you’re wanting to connect with, you can rely on the experience and expertise of PLI’s Creative Team to craft just the right gift card. From consultation to complete design strategy and final production, we’re here to help at every phase.

Capture gifting opportunities and maximize gift card revenue with a 
 Card Marketing Program designed to connect with consumers at any life stage, 
contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.


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