Glitter Finishes

Capture the enduring allure of glitter with…

  • Attention-getting flood coating  

  • Purposeful highlighting with spot coating  

  • Engaging lots-of-dots and clear sparkle foils  

  • Creative colors, particle shapes and sizes  

  • Value-add card carriers and packaging  

  • Design consultation for desirable outcomes  

Glitter Adds Sparkle to Your Gift Card Program

Glitter has innate appeal. Throughout time, decorative light-reflecting particles have been used to mark celebration and make something special. From subtle highlights to dazzling shine, glitter can now help gift cards stand out, transforming them from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Today’s consumers want gift cards that say, this was thoughtfully selected with you in mind. That trend is reflected in increasingly enhanced card creations and packaging options designed to connect with specific audiences and individual personalities. Strategically used, glitter can help make gift cards unique, impactful and exclusively appealing. 


Carefully Selected Options

To meet the need for gift cards that sparkle, PLI offers a wide-range of glitter enhancements, from bright full-foils and flood coatings to tightly registered spot coatings. Various glitter colors, particle sizes and shapes are available. Design possibilities are endless with glitter, that’s why it is important to first consider your brand, message and audience; then use glitter accordingly.

Backed by years of experience and millions of glitter cards, PLI can work with you to help create card designs that realize the full benefits of glitter, giving them the right “wow,” factor

To find out more about how glitter can add sparkle and value to your gift cards and Card Marketing Program, please contact us today. Download this info in PDF form HERE.

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