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Grubhub Promo Card Design Options

Browse our pre-approved Grubhub promo card designs.

Bringing fun and food to virtual and hybrid events

There are countless ways to use Grubhub promo cards to improve the success of your virtual or hybrid event! Grubhub promo cards boost anticipation for the event with a tangible item with high perceived value. Increase attendee engagement by connecting your promo cards with social opportunities during the event. Improve the overall attendee experience, and consider generating revenue by allowing an event sponsor to cover the cost of the promo cards.

Perhaps you’d like to pair a Grubhub promo card with a particular morning virtual networking activity? Or perhaps your message is “Let’s do lunch in the exhibit hall!” Browse our Grubhub promo card design galleries below for a variety of design alternatives, from a basic single-color design to a variety of appetizing full-color food and beverage themes. You are free to choose whichever design you like, and there will be plenty of space left on the card for your event branding and messaging.

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