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Grubhub Promo Card FAQs

Bring extra spice to your virtual or hybrid event!

How do Grubhub promo cards work?

Each card will have a unique promo code printed on the back with a scratch-off panel on top to maintain security. Users will simply scratch off the panel to reveal the code, and then enter that code when checking out on or the Grubhub app.


How much does it cost to purchase Grubhub promo cards for my event or program?

Each order you place for Grubhub promo cards will result in two separate charges. The first charge covers the production cost for the promo cards and any other items you would like to add, such as card sleeves or presentation folders. Your total production cost will vary depending on the quantity and the items purchased. Please CLICK HERE to email our Events Team or call us at 1-828-418-8329 for a quote.

The second charge covers the promotional value on the face of the cards. The full promotional value will be collected up front. Once the cards expire, 50% of the unredeemed value (i.e. any money left over on cards that were not used in full) will be refunded to you. You will also receive a report showing which codes were redeemed.


How will the cards be delivered?

The cards will be shipped in bulk to a single location of your choice. Since the codes on the cards will be active for a given date range, shipping insurance is required at a cost of slightly over 1% of the value of the order. To protect your attendees’ privacy and the security of the cards, we are currently not offering direct mail fulfillment to individual attendees.


… and the artwork?

You can choose from a wide variety of design templates that have been pre-approved by Grubhub. Most of the space on the front of the cards is available for your branding, and there is also room for a small logo on the back. You can build out the available space yourself, or our graphics team can format your logo(s) and event information per your instructions.

Check out your design options here


How do I order?

Just send us an Email or call 1-828-418-8329 to be connected with one of our fabulous reps today!