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Innovative Marketer Drives Traffic and Excitement with Hidden Message Card

A leading-edge financial services company successfully used a Hidden Message Card to increase the number of visitors to their trade show booth and add enthusiasm to the experience. The company’s event planner worked with PLI and the hotel hosting the event. Hotel guests attending the show were given special hotel key cards manufactured by PLI. The unique key cards instructed guests to bring their card to the company’s booth for a fun reveal. When the hotel key cards were exposed to a black light either “Sorry Not a Winner”, or for very lucky guests, a winning code appeared. Those fortunate guests brought home a high-end electronic gift. The client was thrilled with the results. In their own words, “We were jumping around all excited. It’s just so impressive. Amazing work. Thank you so much.”

Cards that build intrigue . . .

Today guests, attendees and customers want to be recognized, valued and surprised. Give them something noteworthy, special and interactive with the Hidden Message Card from PLI.

Use the Hidden Message Card to generate traffic to trade show booths, create interest in after-dark events or acknowledge VIP status. The possibilities for using the Hidden Message Card to help delight and engage your guests are endless.

Beyond helping to create a memorable experience, the Hidden Message Card can be a fraud deterrent with only genuine cards disclosing authenticating graphics.


Behind the Mystery

Special offers, secret messages, and spectacular graphics remain completely hidden and suddenly come to life when the card is exposed to black light (a specific type of UV light, UV-A). The Hidden Message Card is ideal for venues with existing black lights, or hand held black lights can be easily and economically purchased for special marketing promotions.

Recognizing the need to up the game in today’s competitive, experience economy, PLI developed the innovative Hidden Message Card by combining chemistry and manufacturing know-how. In addition to production expertise, you can rely on us for creative ideas and design consultation that will help your cards look amazing and photo-worthy shareable - both before and after the fun black light reveal.


To find out more how the Hidden Message Card can add appeal, excitement and help you create a wonderful guest experience, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.

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