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Enhance your brand as your guests stay, play and visit the buffet.

Card products are often the first branded items your guests see and touch when they arrive at your property. Cards and other products from PLI contribute to a seamless, enjoyable experience for your guests as they enter their rooms, explore the property, visit the spa, or sit down for a game of Blackjack. Make sure your key cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and related accessories are eye-catching and reinforce your brand look and feel.

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Beach hotels and hotel key cards

Hotel & Resort Key Cards

Opening guest room doors worldwide – global reach with a personal touch.

We know that your guests have high expectations – check-in must be easy, internet service must be reliable, breakfast must be just right, and the guest room key must unlock the door quickly, easily, and every time – guaranteed!

Whether you are an independent hotelier, a franchisee, a hotel management company, or a GPO (group purchasing organization), we are your trusted source for brand-standard, custom-designed, and generic RFID and magnetic striped key cards and related items for the hospitality market. PLI’s dedicated team of hospitality specialists are on hand to deliver ideas and solutions for your key card program that save money, avoid headaches, and elevate your brand. Browse our hospitality card products.

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Casino Key Cards

Casino key card, players card, and casino gift card capabilities that can’t be beaten!

Competition is fierce in today’s “choice-abundant” casino and hotel marketplace, and it’s more important than ever for casinos to up their game and create a noteworthy experience. Our card products and other casino solutions will help transform your guests into ambassadors by making their visits more memorable.

Las Vegas is the home of our corporate headquarters, a state-of-the-art production facility, and our casino sales team. Our PLI delivery truck runs up and down the strip daily bringing cards and other products to local casinos. And because we put a high value on our position in the casino market, we work continuously to maintain good status with state gaming boards and tribal organizations across our great country.

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Cruise ship and cruise ship key cards

Cruise Key Cards

It’s not easy to design card products that will impress cruise passengers who are already immersed in breathtaking views, exciting live events, and excursions. But we do our best to bring elegance and life to your designs with dimension and special effects.

Many of the challenges our cruise customers encounter are specific to the market. Unique lock technology needs, unique service model needs, and the considerable challenges brought on by COVID-19 require the utmost knowledge and capabilities. We are committed to your success. As you prepare to set sail, rest easy in the knowledge that our products are trusted by some of the world’s largest cruise lines to meet the highest expectations for beauty, quality, and performance.

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PLI delivers on the effective translation of real client needs and ideas into unique and relevant finished gifts, loyalty, access, ticketing, and event products that people love.

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