Kathy MacDougall

Vice President of Human Resources 

Kathy MacDougall brings over 25 years of HR and organizational leadership experience to engage employees and managers in successful endeavors. Ms. MacDougall’s talent is working with organizational leaders in improving employee productivity. Through her partnership with employees, she is able to transfer her knowledge and skills and most importantly provide advocacy needed so often in today’s business cultures. Group performance is maximized through her leadership in root cause analysis, problem-solving and implementing systematic change.


Kathy has earned her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Masters in Business Administration. Previously as VP, Human Resources for a local start-up organization, Kathy led all aspects of human resources, organizational culture creation, and health and safety practices. Ms. MacDougall formerly led the Corporate Services team for a start-up technology transfer organization located in Southern California. Additionally, Kathy began and ran a professional coaching business to support those in career transition and Kathy has trained many leaders and managers in a variety of people-focused topics.


As General Manager of a multimillion-dollar global manufacturer in California, Kathy was instrumental in leading continuous improvement activity resulting in sustainable and repeatable operations. In addition, as Corporate Director of Human Resources, she was responsible for every aspect of Human Resource Management, Health, Safety, and Environmental compliance for the large international manufacturer. Most recently, as COO, Kathy was responsible for all business aspects of a commercial solar installer located in Southern California.

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