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We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

PLI products add delight to celebration and human interaction. They open the door to relaxation and adventure during travel. They make every-day activities simpler and more enjoyable, both in the physical world and online.

Businesses around the world rely on PLI for customer-centered design, card manufacturing, fulfillment, and card marketing solutions that move the needle and create differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

While we produce almost 2 billion cards annually and deliver to over 140 countries, we maintain the ability to provide a customer service experience that feels exceptionally local.

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Retail | Shopping, Dining, & eCommerce

Our experienced customer care team will work with you to develop a strategy for engaging and delighting your target audience while cutting costs and boosting the bottom line. Our customer list includes big box stores, small local businesses, restaurants, shopping malls, digital media brands, and eCommerce brands, both large and small.

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Hospitality | Hotel, Casino, & Cruise

There is no other key card manufacturer in the world that matches PLI’s scale and enduring commitment to the hospitality industry. Each of our individual hotel, casino, and cruise ship clients has a unique set of business challenges. Our extensive customer care team – the largest of its kind in the industry – will work with you to identify the best key card, players club card, and gift card solutions. We fulfill hundreds of orders per day for over 25,000 hospitality customers across the globe including independent properties, franchises, or corporate-owned properties.

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Entertainment | Games, Parks, & Attractions

Our products are part of the attraction! For years we have been working behind the scenes to supply family fun centers, water parks, and entertainment attractions with U.S.-produced magnetic striped and RFID cards, wristbands, and fobs.

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Live and Virtual Meetings & Events

It’s time to make live and virtual events better! Whether you are looking for a way to boost sponsorship revenue for your virtual convention, make your wedding more memorable, or manage a 20-hotel key card sponsorship for a citywide sports event, our dedicated team of events professionals will handle the details, manage the production, deliver on time, and make it look easy.

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Advertising & Fundraising

For years we have helped restaurants and local attractions grow business through partnerships with nearby hotels or non-profit organizations. Our ideas are as endless as our capabilities. We’ll help you find a new way to thrive.

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PLI delivers on the effective translation of real client needs and ideas into unique and relevant finished gifts, loyalty, access, ticketing, and event products that people love.

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