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Advertising Key Cards

Promote your business to hotel guests.

We can help you create a branded design featuring a “Call To Action” that not only leaves a lasting impression, but drives immediate interest and desired behavior. Hotels are full of guests in an unfamiliar town and often look for local attractions or restaurants. They are eager to get acclimated and comfortable as quickly as possible. You can immediately point them to your business with our full-service key card advertising program.

Why key card advertising delivers results:

  • Hotel key cards are one of the first items guests see upon arrival
  • You will reach a market that is typically not exposed to local newspaper, television or radio ads
  • Key card advertising often costs less than traditional print and broadcast advertising
  • Key cards are viewed by each guest an average of 10 times every day
  • Key cards deliver immediate brand interaction that translates into an impressive ROI

There are a variety of ways to increase the level of customer engagement and interest:

  • Invite guests to enjoy a small discount by presenting or mentioning their key card
  • Use product images to promote specific items
  • Promote exclusive offers to key card holders only
  • Add a QR code for guests to scan with their phones – it takes them right to your website

A small item that represents a huge opportunity!

As the world’s largest manufacturer of hotel key cards, PLI works with businesses around the world to help elevate the relevance of their key cards for their guests. Restaurants, retailers, shopping centers, attractions, fun centers – all have benefited from our tailored Key Card Advertising Program.

Make the business decision to put your branded message directly in the hands of the coveted tourist market. Contact us now to find out more about advertising key cards!

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