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Pizza Hut Promotional Advertising and Key Cards

Grow sales and win customers with Pizza Hut branded key cards.

5 million hotel rooms in the U.S.A. present an incredible marketing opportunity for nearby Pizza Hut franchises. We work with Pizza Hut locations nationwide to provide them with a wide variety of printed products that target the coveted tourist market and other potential customers.

If you are a Pizza Hut franchisee looking to grow sales, put your message directly into the hands of hungry hotel guests. Key card advertising typically costs less than traditional print and broadcast advertising, and it targets high-value travelers, many of whom will dine out or order delivery for each and every meal they enjoy during their travels.

Pizza Hut restaurants working with us will enjoy these benefits

  • Access to our dedicated Pizza Hut customer support team by toll-free phone, fax, or email
  • Shipment within three business days of stocked items
  • Access to our full-service hotel advertising program. We will handle communication with the hotels for initial and follow up orders, and we’ll even provide detailed store-level reports.

Delivering Excellence

The centerpieces of our hotel advertising program are our high-quality Pizza Hut key cards. Additional Pizza Hut products from PLI include:

  • Key Card Envelopes – Another innovative way to put your message in guests’ hands
  • TV Channel Guides – Place your logo, phone number and menu in every hotel room
  • Key Fobs – Perfect for hotels using metal keys or to give to local customers so they always have your takeout and delivery numbers with them
  • Door Hangers – Highlight your logo and phone number in hotels, offices and more
  • Front Desk Reward Cards – Thank hotel staff and gain support of your program with pizza rewards
  • Student Discount and Business Value Cards – A great way to reach out to new customers and reward existing ones
  • Fundraising Cards – Perfect for schools, nonprofit organizations, churches and businesses
  • Luggage Tags – A useful giveaway that features your logo and message

All products are fully customizable, allowing you to offer specials to entice visitors, present new menu items, and more.

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