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“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” – Richard Grant

Have you ever looked out at your sea of conference attendees and wondered who’s who? Did you just shake hands with your Platinum Sponsor? With custom ID cards and branded lanyards, you’ll be able to get information about your guests at a glance! Call out tiered sponsorship participants with promotional lanyards or honor special guests with event VIP cards. PLI can accommodate multiple designs, specialized inks and foils, and various lanyard options to level up your next event.

Event badges and credentials are a fantastic marketing opportunity!

Custom ID badges and credentials add convenience and security to any event. PVC or fiberboard badges are a higher quality than the paper/cardstock inserts that are often used. Additionally, event ID cards are highly sought-after sponsorship opportunities; the sponsor’s logo/information is given maximum visibility because it is worn by each attendee for the duration of the event.

Branded ID cards for events allow access control for specific areas, and they can be used to quickly and easily identify VIPs or other attendee status. Let the badge manage some of your conference work for you! Barcodes or stripes can be added to track attendee activities such as entry/exit, participation in continuing education courses, visits to vendor booths, and more. A great option for customizing the back of a badge is a conference schedule. Your attendees will always have their badge on them, so why not print the keynote time and place, happy hour location, or breakout session schedule right on the badge?

Personalization options for custom ID cards for events include names, numbers, photos, design/artwork, and barcoding. There are also various stocks, shapes, and finishes available, so let your imagination run wild!

Use customized lanyards to give sponsors extra visibility…

Cotton? Polyester? Cork?! PLI can help you determine a custom lanyard option that fits your event needs. Foster a fun atmosphere among attendees by designing an eye-catching lanyard. Branded lanyards can also identify specific attendee groups and help your event run more smoothly. Avoid awkward moments of forgetting an attendee’s name by presenting them with a branded lanyard to easily display their credential information.

Various print options abound. Screen printing? Woven customization? Dye sublimation? PLI will help you determine the best choice for your upcoming conference, meeting, or corporate event.

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