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Event Key Cards

The Key to a Memorable Event. Set Your Conference Apart with Event Branded Hotel Key Cards!

Before visiting the event registration desk to pick up their event badges, your attendees will first check into their hotel and be presented with a hotel key card. This key card will be part of the hotel’s welcome experience; it will provide your attendees access to their rooms as they drop off their bags and begin making plans for the evening; and it will accompany them throughout the length of your event.

What if that key card not only opened their hotel room door, but also set the stage for the activities planned at the event? Wow your guests with a thoughtful card that is customized just for your convention! Offering event key cards as a sponsorship item is a great way to offset event costs and nurture relationships with important partners.

Your Team of Experts

We have been providing customized event key cards for 20+ years and we have all the tips! We have line of sight to hotel lock systems, key card types, and hotel brand restrictions. We can give you recommendations on artwork and quantities, and we are happy to answer any other questions you have about this unique branding opportunity.

But what kind of card does the hotel use? Will it even work?

Relax! We are the world’s largest key card manufacturer. We are a contracted supplier of everyday key cards for the world’s top hotel brands, and we support thousands of independent hotels in the United States and across the globe. So, we’ve got this! On the rare occasion that we do not have information on a hotel’s specific lock system, we have a set of simple steps we take with the property to ensure the key cards we produce will function beautifully!

We Make It Easy!

Whether you’re planning a small destination wedding, a comic convention with thousands of attendees across an entire city, or any size meeting in between, we do all the work! From initial contact with the hotel through the shipping process and beyond, PLI has a dedicated team of experts who can’t wait to make your event even more special. We know you’ve got an event to plan, so we’ll handle the key card coordination!

PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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