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EZ Key Card Return Boxes

Put sustainability on the itinerary.

Globally and regionally, has consistently found that most travelers look for ways to reduce their environmental impact during travel. Help your guests put sustainability on the itinerary by giving them an easy way to return their hotel keys at the end of an enjoyable stay.

EZ Key Card Return Boxes provide a visual reminder and an easy method for guest key card return. Our experienced Hospitality team will provide assistance with box selection and placement ideas, eye-catching standard or customized return box graphics, and marketing support to ensure the success of your card renewal program.

With durable acrylic constructions and keyed locks, EZ Key Card Return Boxes will stand the test of time and stay secure. They are available in two countertop sizes and can be ordered as free-standing units for hotel exits and elevator lobbies. Update your boxes with fresh designs or seasonal graphics to celebrate holidays and special events.

Demonstrate your environmental and financial prudence…

We understand that hotel budgets are tight. As travelers again hit the road, it’s important to look for ways to reduce costs. Strategically placed EZ Key Card Return Boxes can dramatically increase the number of returned keys, reducing overall key card costs and helping to reduce environmental impact. Hoteliers using EZ Key Card Return Boxes report 30-40% improvements in their key card return rate!

EZ Key Card Return Boxes from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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