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Hotel Key Cards & other Products

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Branded Products for Corporate Hotels

Generic & Predesigned Hotel Products

A positive traveler experience entails a key card that is true to your brand standards, aesthetically pleasing, and flawless in its functionality. Your key card is an integral part of the “Welcome” experience during guest check-in at the registration desk. It ensures an easy and pleasant room access experience upon arrival, and it accompanies the guest almost continually throughout the stay. At PLI, we understand the role that your key card plays in shaping the customer experience. We back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we support each of our customers with one-on-one customer care. When you need us, PLI is there – on a personal level with an international presence.

We are an ASSA ABLOY® authorized vendor for VingCard™ key cards, and we provide products for use in MIWA, Onity, dormakaba, and SALTO lock systems. PLI offers the full suite of NXP® MIFARE™ RFID key card technologies as well as a generic ISO 14443 compliant 1k RFID alternative.

We Are Your Brand Police

We are honored to hold the trust of many of the world’s most well-known hotel brands as the exclusive or preferred provider of hotel keys. With this trust comes the expectation that we will deliver superior customer service and adhere to brand standards without exception. We maintain hundreds of brand standard products on the floor and are available for immediate shipment out of our U.S., Canada, or Netherlands distribution centers. Most stock orders ship within one business day.

In addition to providing ongoing fulfillment of stocked items, we have the design, production, and logistics expertise and scale to successfully execute large-scale and complex key card rebrands and new product “pushes.” Our experienced customer support team is readily available to answer questions, send test keys when necessary, and assist with other items, such as fobs, card sleeves, door hangers, or lock inserts.

Tailored Key Cards and Marketing Support for Independent Hotels

We are proud to work with independently owned and distinctive hotels of all sizes, from small motor lodges to all-inclusive resorts. We provide thoughtful marketing and design consultation up front, with the initial focus on eye-catching and unique hotel key cards and sleeves. Depending on your marketing goals, we offer extended support to include EZ key card return boxes, branded do-not-disturb signs, robe or shower hangers, in-room channel guides, custom towel or pool cards, and even table-top and static-cling signage.

We know that budgets are tight and custom-produced items can be costly for independent properties. For this reason, we routinely work with hoteliers to forecast needs, allowing us to produce at lower unit costs and fulfill over the course of a blanket purchase order.

Find Convenience and Efficiency in “Welcome” Pre-Printed Solutions

​Guests Appreciate a Welcoming Experience – It’s What Keeps Them Coming Back. Hoteliers can choose from a complete suite of pre-printed “Welcome” products that convey the message, we’re so glad you’re here, we value your stay with us, and we want you to feel comfortable.

When you connect with guests right from the start with an inviting key card and key card holder, and later with attractive door hangers, all carefully coordinated, you demonstrate how much you care about the details of your guest’s stay.

PLI makes it easy to manage the details with Welcome Kits. Choose from a complete line of guest-friendly Welcome products – all purposely designed for hospitality. Key cards are available in a wide range of technologies, with low or no minimum order quantities.

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