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Door Hangers and Lock Inserts

Help your team meet guest expectations.

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Door hangers and lock inserts from PLI add convenience for guests while enhancing your property’s branding. A well thought out door hanger or lock insert will complement keycards and boost marketing efforts. The ideas are endless and PLI’s team is here to help you find something new or unique to you.

  • Advertise in-house restaurant and other amenities
  • Place “Do Not Disturb” and “Room Needs Cleaning” messages to help guests communicate preferences
  • Alert guests returning to their room that housekeeping or maintenance is inside
  • Pet-friendly hotels can include messages about animals being in the room

Great option for events, announcements, and sponsorship marketing…

Door hangers are also a perfect way to market your event from within your own walls. The fully customizable options will make sure your event is front and center every time a room door is opened.

  • Welcome attendees with a special message
  • Include an event schedule and other important information
  • Sell advertising to sponsors to help offset event costs

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