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Hotel Sleeves/Presentation Folders

Boost your brand from the get-go!

Envelope WelcomeProviding a memorable experience at your property starts the moment your guests arrive at the check-in desk. The first item you hand them upon check-in is a key card. Why not enhance your brand with an accompanying sleeve or presentation folder as part of the welcome packet.

Consider custom-printed or predesigned sleeves and envelopes…

Key card envelopes and sleeves add convenience both for you and for your guests. Take advantage of the writable surface to add a room number or Internet code. Enclose vouchers and other messages. Add custom artwork to coordinate with your key cards or to promote your property and its amenities. Add a personal touch to your key card envelopes with a welcome message inside that greets your guests when the cards are removed for room entry.

Gain even more branding and communication flexibility with presentation folders…

Hotel key card presentation folders are fully customizable and provide exceptional branding opportunities for your hotel. Key card folders are larger than envelopes, leaving plenty of space to promote a rewards program, deliver a survey, or share information about special activities such as a new on-site restaurant or bar.

Custom folders make an excellent complement to your branded key cards and provide space for a room number, Internet access code, and other helpful hotel information. Put the answers to your guests’ frequently asked questions right in their hand!

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