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Hotel Key Card Kaddies

Organize and dispense key cards with ease.

Attractive in design and efficient in function, Key Card Kaddies are ideal for reducing clutter and maximizing work space in your front desk area.

Just slip your hand under the Key Card Kaddy and, with a slight upward force, pull the bottom key card towards you. The key card is ready to encode and hand to your guest. The next card in the rack then drops down and is ready for use.

To load the Key Card Kaddy, simply drop returned cards in the top, or fill the Key Card Kaddy with a stack of new key cards.

  • Exclusive, patented design dispenses one card at a time
  • Made of 11-gauge cold-rolled steel for a lifetime of service
  • Elegant, powder-coated finish for durability
  • Next-day shipment for standard colors: black, silver, and black/gold
  • 30 custom colors available
  • Small footprint (4”x3”x9”)
  • 250-300 key card capacity

Single source convenience

PLI offers a complete selection of key cards, Key Card Kaddies and other accessories designed to bring more efficiency to your operations and satisfaction to your guests. Rely on our experienced, knowledgeable service representatives for innovative solutions and ideas.

Organization is critical to the success of any business; and being organized means having systems in place. Our product will help you refresh the look at your front desk and keep it neat and clutter-free.

PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.


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