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On-Property & In-Room Signage

Engage guests with in-room and on-property signage.

Signage Embassy SuitesCommunication is beneficial for guests, housekeeping staff and others, and signage is an effective means of communication throughout your property – helping to create an enjoyable, repeat-worthy guest experience!

Clearly visible signs communicate both perks and policies. Use static cling mirror labels, table cards and tents, hanging cards, beverage coasters, and more!

  • Identify no smoking areas
  • Share information about complimentary coffee, tea, breakfast
  • Publish restaurant, pool, and other amenity hours
  • Provide instructions for Internet access

Engage guests in your sustainability efforts…

Publicizing your green practices can reduce utility costs and conserve valuable staff time by cutting back on select housekeeping tasks. Use in-room signage to communicate conservation initiatives and encourage guest participation.

  • Encourage the re-use of towels and bed linens
  • Remind guests to turn off lights and television when leaving the room
  • Encourage guests to segregate and recycle bottles and cans
  • Encourage key card return on the day of departure

We make adding signage easy…

For more than 30 years hoteliers have been relying on PLI for signage, key cards, and other marketing items. Our dedicated Hospitality customer support team is on hand to assist with your signage needs, make design suggestions, and ensure that your order is fulfilled accurately and on time!

PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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