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Make waves with best-in-class RFID key cards.

Whether you are looking for genuine MIFARE cards or cost-first generic technology, you can rely on PLI for premium service and delivery. With the resources of the world’s largest supplier of key cards, hoteliers of all sizes, from independent hotels to international groups with more than half a million rooms, rely on PLI for quality, worry-free key cards.

In today’s competitive lodging marketplace, delivering a positive guest experience has never been more critical. PLI’s careful quality-controlled manufacturing process ensures the key cards you present your guests are consistently dependable. For over 30 years PLI has been helping hotels open doors for guests, trouble-free.

Marketing and promotional opportunity

Key cards, when artfully and purposefully designed, can help strengthen the connection with guests. Handing guests a unique-looking, noteworthy key card creates a great impression right from the start.

Key cards are also an ideal way to advertise additional services and offerings at your property –

  • ​Food and beverage
  • Getaway Packages
  • Parking and Shuttles
  • Spa Services
  • Tickets and Visitor Passes

​A resource you can rely on

Contactless IC, or Integrated Circuit Cards, known as RFID key cards throughout the lodging industry, are quickly becoming the popular choice for door entry systems. Leading the way in RFID key card innovation is the well-known, field-proven brand – MIFARE®. As an accredited MIFARE partner, PLI offers a complete line of genuine MIFARE key cards, as well as high-quality, economical generic 1K key card. PLI is also an authorized VingCard dealer, fully approved and endorsed by ASSA ABLOY.

Whether you choose genuine MIFARE RFID key cards or our generic 1K key card, PLI can transform your key cards into an effective marketing tool that you will be proud to have represent your property and your brand.

PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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