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Hotel Robe Hangers and Shower Hangers

Wrap your guests in comfort and information.

You want your guests to experience a heightened sense of comfort during their stay and provide them with valuable information about amenities available.

Robe hangers are an excellent way to promote sales of hotel-branded robes, spa services, or similar items that serve as a memento of a guest’s stay.

Shower hangers placed in guest room bathrooms will improve guest experience and bring relief to your staff by reducing the frequency of front desk shower support calls. Made from durable, water-resistant plastic (with recycled options available), these handy, low-cost hangers are fully customizable in both size and content.

  • Instruct guests on how to use special functions of the shower or Jacuzzi.
  • Include info on how to receive complimentary toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, bath gels, etc.
  • Promote water conservation by asking guests to limit shower time.
  • Ask guests to reuse towels and only leave them on the floor if they wish for them to be replaced.

Endless ideas and support…

Fully customizable in both size and content, robe hangers and shower hangers can also be constructed of recycled material or our fully recyclable Re.Solve plastic-free material. These are also an excellent opportunity to partner with a local boutique clothing store; let them display select products in room for a nominal fee, helping your bottom line. Your PLI customer care team will help you come up with the right message and visual design to accurately represent your brand.

Since 1988, we have been serving hotels, casinos, cruise ships and more within the hospitality and retail industry. We’re committed to helping you make sure that everything we do helps to create a memorable experience for your guests and customers.

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