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To grow sales, go physical!

eCommerce & Digital Subscriptions for Gift CardsDon’t miss out on the marketing potential physical cards offer for digital businesses!

Perhaps your customers use your services to shop, order rides, consume music and video, play games, socialize, or manage their investments. As an online business, you interact with your customers primarily in the digital space. But did you know that a well-designed physical card program will often allow you to reach new customers and grow sales from existing customers beyond what would be possible with a digital-only marketing strategy?

The dramatic changes to purchasing behavior we’ve seen since 2020 have caused businesses to take a fresh look at all aspects of card marketing – how their customers are finding them, who their competitors are today, where their sales are sluggish, and where their sales are stable or growing. We’d love to discuss ways to explore new channels and innovative marketing opportunities that will drive the right results for your business.

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Optimize your prepaid strategy

Two essential aspects of prepaid card strategy are identification of the right prepaid products and establishing a presence in the right physical and digital prepaid channels. Your approach to product selection and channel placement will influence the gift card packaging style and the production capabilities needed to deliver the best finished prepaid card solution.

We provide a full suite of prepaid card package styles to meet your needs across all channels:

  • M6 single-piece cards constructed of traditional or sustainable materials
  • Flat card-on-carrier styles to meet any need
  • Closed packages, whether glue- or heat-sealed
  • Multipacks in a variety of counts and styles
  • Blackhawk Network and InComm approved packages
  • Boxes, bundles, bags, and kits
  • Gift-in-Style  unique gifting concepts, only from PLI
  • Ready. Set. Gift!  hanging packages, take-ones, drop-ins, and mailers
  • Countertop, floor-standing, and wall-mounted card display solutions

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