MiniMaps™ and iFoldz™ - Small Things Make a Big Impression

Personalize with-

  • 6,8,10 and 12 panel foldout options

  • Handy pocket to safe-keep ID badges, hotel key, gift, event and other cards

  • Recycled or premium paper

  • Matchbook or tuck-tab closures

  • Built-in bottle opener

  • Convenient Lanyards

  • Barcodes and augmented reality (AR)

  • Interactive scratch-off reveals

Tailor to your guest’s likes, needs, and preferences.

PLI’s MiniMap™ and iFoldz™ marketing tools from TripBuilder Media are an effective and attractive way to keep guests on-track, informed and comfortable. They show you care about making your guest’s visit special and stress-free. MiniMaps and iFoldz are also ideal to highlight and promote your event, services and amenities. 


Valuable and Convenient

Designed to easily fit into a wallet or pocket, MiniMaps and iFoldz unfold to reveal a wealth of useful information that guests will find helpful and valuable during their stay, and even after. Their handy credit-card size makes them simple and easy to take-along anywhere. 

Creative and Versatile

Compact and functional by design, when you customize MiniMaps or iFoldz with your own special graphics and messaging, these marketing tools will resonate with your audience even more.

Marketers for hotels, amusement parks, cruise ships, tourism, special events, colleges, trade shows and more will find MiniMaps and iFoldz to be successful and beneficial guest communications.

Perfect for -

  • Venue, property and city maps

  • Transportation and program schedules

  • Event and seasonal calendars

  • Promoting shows, attractions and discount offers

  • Advertising area businesses and amenities

  • Providing contact information for important services


MiniMaps and iFoldz become even more budget-friendly when you promote and partner with other businesses and organizations to help offset costs.

For more information on MiniMaps, iFoldz and other innovative ideas that can help build an enjoyable, repeat-worthy, even socializable guest experience, contact PLIDownload a PDF version of this info here.

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