Motion Coat™

Purposeful Design

MotionCoat can be used with a variety of colors and is available in a variety of patterns - from bold to subtle, even custom. It is also ideal for making Event Passes truly remarkable. Rely on PLI’s Creative Experts for designs, ideas and consultation to help you create high-motion graphics that stylistically fit your brand and resonate with your customers.  

Engage Your Guests with MotionCoat™ Key Cards

A strategic key card has a challenging to-do list: 1. Get Attention, 2. Build Brand, 3. Delight Guests,  4. Develop Loyal Customers. Although that is a lot of responsibility for a tiny card, MotionCoat key cards from PLI can help you successfully accomplish those objectives.


Get Attention 

MotionCoat technology brings the attraction of motion and movement to graphics, drawing guests’ eyes straight to your key card, enticing them to engage with the card from the moment it is handed to them at check in.


Build Brand 

Unexpected visual interest coveys a message of uniqueness and differentiation. Creative MotionCoat key cards reinforce, and even elevate, the perception of your property and position of your brand.


Delight Guests 

The impact of the amazing look and feel of a specialty enhanced MotionCoat Key card inspires a wow, really cool, how unique, want to keep this! guest moment.


Develop Loyal Customers 

Creating a pleasing, repeat worthy, shareable guest experience is key to success in today’s lodging market. A favorable and distinct experience is built from multiple positive guest touch points.  

Above the ordinary, MotionCoat key cards help you start an extraordinary stay for your guests.


Now that four key objectives have been checked off, there is still a bonus!


Results with Efficiency 

Beyond contributing to an enjoyable customer experience, MotionCoat offers measureable cost savings and recyclability in comparison to other “motion-type” technologies.

For more information on how MotionCoat and other innovative key cards can help deliver a successful guest experience right from the start, contact PLI today.

Download a PDF version of this information HERE. Download a Gift Card inspired version of this information HERE.

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