Multipacks – Something for Everyone!

  • Single purchase solution for multiple gifts

  • Give or use gift cards one at a time or all at once

  • Have a cache of gift cards always ready to give or use

  • Can be used or given as budgeting tools

  • Blackhawk and Incomm approved and secure pack formats

  • Maximize card revenue within display space

  • Eliminate individual card carriers for cost savings and faster check out


A leading retailer experienced increased card sales with multipacks. Wanting to maximize the many-in-one benefits even more by offering customers a 20 card multipack, they turned to PLI to transform the idea into a reality. Although challenging to engineer, PLI delivered a innovative product that met their needs and was a successful addition to their card marketing program. The client continues to offer various multipack designs as a proven way to increase gift card sales.

Multipacks are great for frequent gifters. They are a wonderful way to simplify and consolidate a customer’s shopping excursion for multiple people – or even for themselves. Consider the many opportunities where the same brand gift card can represent very different experiences  for each recipient -

  • A job well done 

  • Thanks a bunch  

  • What a day

  • I deserve it 

  • You did it 

  • So sorry

as well as traditional holidays and celebrations.

Gift cards are so much more than a gift of convenience, they are now the gift of choice. Multipacks make them the ready-to-go gift of choice. Multipacks allow for both using and gifting cards immediately or holding for future occasions.


Easy to Implement Revenue Builder  

Of course the more gift cards purchased, the greater the sales dollars and profits. Additionally, easier gifting means more gifting opportunity. A new gift card recipient can become a new shopper and better yet, a loyal customer and brand ambassador.

Multipacks also minimize space requirements and presentation costs. A single card carrier can accommodate multiple gift cards.

To discuss innovative and engaging ways to grow your Card Marketing Program, contact PLI today.

Download a PDF version of this information HERE.

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