Cast and Cure™ (C2™)

  • Attract interest with lively, dimensional effects 

  • Rely on PLI’s expertise to maximize dynamic design


  • Unique reusable film reduces carbon footprint  

  • “Greener” budget-friendly alternative to traditional holographic finishes  

Gain attention, create interest while being budget and environmentally conscious.  

PLI’s unique Cast and Cure (C2™) innovation brings intriguing, new holographic finishes to gift, loyalty, hospitality and other promotional cards and products. The exclusive Cast and Cure™ process creates decorative differentiation and enhances visual effects. PLI’s design professionals can work with you to develop card designs that maximize the sway-power of C2 cards. C2 can also be used to help deter fraud by incorporating security and anti-counterfeiting features.  


C2 eliminates the laminated metalized films used in traditional holographic processes, helping to improve recyclability. The C2 production process uses ultraviolet inks and varnishes, resulting in no undesirable, harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The process does not transfer any material to, or from, the casting film, therefore the film can be used multiple times and is recyclable. A sustainable process, C2 helps meet the growing demand for “greener” alternatives without sacrificing aesthetics and design appeal. 

PLI’s C2 cards deliver the “wow” of traditional holographic cards at a notably lower cost. Part of the savings is a result of the reusability of the casting film, enabling you to be mindful of your budget and the environment. PLI’s C2 cards are an economical way to increase card draw and subsequent customer engagement. 


To find out more about how Cast and Cure cards from PLI can add dimension, attractiveness and value to your card marketing program, please contact us today. Download a Cast and Cure info sheet HERE.

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