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Thomas Garland

Thomas Garland

President & CEO

Since joining PLI in January of 2019, Tom Garland has advanced a customer-centered vision of 1PLI – working across the organization to align PLI’s people, processes, and plants to deliver a unified PLI face and a consistent best-in-class experience for PLI’s customers. With deep experience in print and packaging, Tom has a proven track record of successful value creation within new, startup, and existing manufacturing businesses in privately held, publicly traded, and private-equity environments. Tom’s love of technical engineering and design is clear to all who work with him. He is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Iowa State University and is both an advocate and a consumer of lifelong learning.

Before joining PLI as CEO, Tom served as President-Packaging at Quad Graphics (NYSE: QUAD); founding CEO of Paperworks Industries; Executive Vice President at RockTenn (NYSE: WRK); and Chairman of TAPPI, the Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry.