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Why we care.

As an organization, we believe that people across the Globe deserve access to fresh air, clean water, and a healthy environment. We also understand that our decisions and activities have a significant impact on the world around us. Furthermore, we recognize that environmentalism is “grass roots” – consumers all over the world are demanding positive action on climate issues and pollution. It is our aim, not only to support your sustainability initiatives, but to help identify new and innovative opportunities to answer the call for cleaner and more sustainable practices and products.

We are committed to taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and to address sustainability throughout the life-cycle of the products we bring to market. Across our business, many of our conservation strategies are grounded in the 4R Principles: Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Recycle. These strategies are applied in the areas of Sourcing, Operations, and Product Offerings.

We invite our employees and customers to share in our efforts and to hold us accountable as we work to maximize our positive impact and control our negative impact on the world around us.

Focus on sustainable sourcing

The product life cycle begins long before you issue a purchase order. It is our aspiration to make continuous progress in reducing environmental impact across our supply chain, thus reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the products you purchase. Although we have been working diligently, there is much to do, and we admit that we have only begun to scratch the surface. One of our areas of attention has been an initiative to transition away from chemicals and raw materials containing toxic components. We work with our suppliers to evaluate existing materials and, when warranted, to test and qualify modifications or substitutions that are healthier for the environment. As a result, we have successfully qualified or transitioned many of our most commonly used raw materials. We have also successfully converted some of our cleaning products to healthier alternatives.

Our efforts also include outreach and innovation, conducting research and development with suppliers that extend outside our current partners with the aim of identifying safer, cleaner, and healthier materials and processes.

Finally, we support responsible forestry and are FSC® multi-site Chain-of-Custody certified (FSC® C107074). We are also proud to be an EPA SmartWay® Transport Partner.

Focus on sustainable operations

To conserve non-renewable energy resources and reduce emissions, we have installed energy efficient lighting and HVAC, automating conservation using motion sensors or timers in many areas. We are also gradually transitioning to more energy efficient curing systems on printing equipment across our platform.

We have several programs that have been launched across our facilities to build conservation into our practices. We are working across all functional areas to reduce waste, eliminating unnecessary purchases, and to transition where possible to paper supplies, cartons, and production materials made at least in part from recycled content. At the industrial level, our facilities are recycling paper, corrugated cartons, PVC, styrene, steel, and aluminum.

Our production facility in Chesterfield, Missouri was recognized in 2019 with the St. Louis Green Business Challenge Award from the Missouri Botanical Garden for their participation in the Green Business Challenge at the Apprentice Level. Many of the pilot business initiatives that came out of this participation have been highly successful and have served as a model for our other locations.

One of the most important contributors to sustainability in our operations is the success of our Quality Control initiatives – utilizing Six Sigma approaches with an aim to continuous improvement in reducing product variation and removing waste from our processes.

Focus on sustainable product choices

Whether your sustainability goals focus primarily on energy conservation, reduced plastics, recyclability, or sustainable forestry, we offer a variety of product choices to bring you closer to your goals. We also welcome the opportunity to partner on sustainable product innovation uniquely tied to your brand and customer journey.

Part of sustainability is building products that last and perform flawlessly, but even the best products will eventually outlive their value or need replacement.

That’s why PLI delivers product solutions and marketing support with product end-of-life in mind.

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