Point of Purchase Displays (POP) - Gift Card Racks

Increase Gift Card Sales with POP Displays 

A proven attention-getter and revenue builder, Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays are an effective way to reach consumers and grow revenue.

Draw Attention 
Undecided or unplanned purchases make up nearly 70% of on-site retail purchases, and consumers typically buy what they notice.


Boost Sales 
POP displays are a confirmed successful sales tool. According to Point-of-Purchase Advertising International, 90% of in-store purchase decisions increase with a POP display.


A well-designed POP display can deliver even greater results.  
A study conducted by Brigham Young University, found that displays with signs outperformed displays without signs by 20%.


Display signs can be customized to better connect with specific audiences and geographic areas.

Strategic Merchandising

Maximize the effectiveness of merchandising by placing POP gift card displays not only in high traffic areas like counters and endcaps, but also throughout your entire retail location.

Stimulate interest and sales by frequently resetting and refreshing gift card displays with -

  • Seasonal changes

  • New card designs

  • Innovative packaging

  • Special offers

Advertising placed throughout your entire location helps  bring additional attention and awareness to your gift card offering, consider -


Unmatched ROI

Compared to other forms of advertising, POP displays and POP signage are extremely economical.

A past Harvard Business school study revealed while reaching 1,000 adults through a 30-second network television commercial costs $4.05 to $7.75, the cost per thousand for a store merchandiser or a sign with a one-year life is only 3 cents to 37 cents.

PLI offers both stock and custom designed POP gift card displays to meet your budget and your needs.

For more information on POP displays and other results-proven gift card marketing ideas contact PLI.

Download a PDF of this information here.

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