Adaptability: PLI's 2018 Branded Calendar - Q1

Water – essential to all life. Consider water’s extraordinary capacity to exist in three states of matter. It is ice in certain climes at certain times. It is liquid in our planet’s bodies of water, large and small – which are all both always the same and ever-changing. It becomes steam when heated – whether geothermally or in your tea kettle (okay, maybe your grandmother’s tea kettle). Water makes a dramatic and energizing progression as it moves from Winter to Spring in the space of one quarter. The Adaptability of this element is remarkable – and beautiful. It also reminds us, to make progress sometimes we just need to “Let It Flow.” 

PLI’s “Customer First” lens guides us to practice Adaptability even as we hold true to our core foundation. Client needs change. Competitive landscapes change. Business needs change. Part of the value we offer is our ability to consistently deliver tailored card marketing solutions based upon the situation at hand. We may not be able to transform ourselves into three states of matter – but we can deliver against whatever state matters to you at the moment.


You can view the PLI branded calendar announcement video HERE.

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