Create a Repeat-Worthy Experience with Scratch-off Cards

Offer motivating, intriguing scratch-off cards that reveal a variety of surprise rewards, including - 

- Free _____ 
- $ amount off 
- % discount 
- Return visit gift  
- By one, get one _____

- Complimentary _____ upgrade

Everyone loves a surprise!

* University of Chicago 2018 Booth School of Business

Sure Results with Uncertain Incentives 

Most marketers agree, offering an incentive or reward helps motivate purchasing decisions  and generate interest and enthusiasm. Taking “reward” a step further, according to a recent university study  – 

Uncertain rewards are found to entice repeat purchases.

Researchers found uncertain rewards consistently motivated consumers more than certain rewards in both lab and field settings, and in both small and large magnitudes.*

Uncover Revenue Opportunity

Cards that include a unique scratch-off feature to reveal an uncertain reward create -

  • Motivation and incentive from the bonus reward offer

  • Engaging interaction as the special coating is scratched off     

  • Fun and discovery as the surprise reward is revealed

  • Desire to repeat from the lure of uncertainty and mystery


Show guests and customers appreciation and increase visits to trade show booths, restaurants, concession stands, property amenities and additional attractions with intriguing, appealing scratch-off cards offers.

To find out more about scratch-off cards and other experience-building Card Marketing ideas, contact PLI.

Download a key card PDF version of this info hereDownload a gift card PDF version of this info here​.

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