The PLI Difference

At PLI we know that a card is so much more than just a widget. 

A card is an experience! 


That small, slim, seemingly ubiquitous item represents an extraordinary experience. A luxurious hotel room in a beautiful location during a long anticipated vacation. A heartfelt gifting moment from one person to another. A high-rolling, boast-worthy night at a casino. A coveted “wallet trophy” for a brand loyal retail customer. A successful event that drives incremental business. A year’s worth of family outings to a favorite zoo or museum. A week’s worth of groceries – real groceries – from parents who are missing their college student from halfway across the country. A standing monthly get-together with a dear friend over a cup of coffee. A once-in-a-lifetime dinner with a loved one that will be a cherished memory forever. 

Every phase of card creation is important and given world class attention at PLI. From expertly astute design, to thoughtful enhancements and technologies that elevate the artwork, to rigorous quality controls which ensure the card is as functional as it is beautiful.

We know that with each card, we are upholding and amplifying our customers’ brands and we are delivering memorable experiences to each individual who gives, receives or uses a card.

A universally manufactured and used product? Yes. A widget? No. A one of a kind experience. Absolutely!

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