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Our customers are the heartbeat of our operation.

We know that the best way to meet your needs and expectations is to always keep you at the center of our operation. For us, customer-focus is a long-term commitment. Since 1988, we have been delivering best-in-class card production & fulfillment to retailers, hotels, and other brands worldwide. We mobilize our creative, production, logistics, and specialty marketing capabilities on a customer-by-customer basis and always with the aim of elevating the power of your brand.

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Card Technology

Meeting expectations is not enough. We want to exceed them in everything we do. Our Product. Our Process. Our People. Our Plants. Each of these aspects of our business are informed by a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Our combination of creative collaboration, marketing expertise, and high-quality manufacturing results in cards and supporting products that stand apart in the marketplace.

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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is part of a larger promise we make to our team, our families, our communities, and our customers – to be responsible to the world around us. PLI is proud to introduce thoughtful and compelling sustainable product alternatives to our customers – products that deliver clear and convincing environmental advantages. Our efforts are apparent in our research and development, our sourcing practices, our FSC® multi-site Chain-of-Custody certification (FSC® C107074), and our status as a Smartway® Transport Partner.

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Unique Card Attributes

Looking for a card with a surface that looks and feels like it was cut out of a golf glove? We did that. Maybe a card in the shape of a perfume bottle? You bet. How about a card with invisible features that appear and glow under a black light? We did that, too. Cards made with clear plastic, wood, metal, and fabric? No problem. Foils that shine. Animations that spin. Depth features that make you go, WOW! … Fluorescents and glow-in-the-dark elements that delight, and fragrances that make you smile. Let’s talk about the possibilities.

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Creative Gift Card Packaging

With PLI’s creative gift card packaging, you can Gift-in-Style™!

In addition to flat & folded carriers, blister packs, and heat-sealed gift card packages – single card packs and multipacks – we make it possible for retail brands to Gift-in-Style with carriers that are uniquely engineered to contribute a special extra something to the gifting experience. Each Gift-in-Style package has integrated within it a special surprise – a presentation bag or box, a pop-out sculpture, a game, or a craft.

Gift-in-Style carriers have been proven to grow gift card sales and increase average load!

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Card Marketing, Pop Display, & Distribution

For those times when your card program needs additional support to resonate and be distinguished in the marketplace, we offer complete card marketing solutions. Whether a client’s card program could benefit from creative packaging, marketing signage, display fixtures, kitting, or a savvy marketing mix of all, we have proven experience in providing the tools, technologies, and talent needed to build and grow strong, successful card programs.

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Design & Creative Services

A card is so much more than just a widget. That small, slim, seemingly ubiquitous item represents an extraordinary experience. A luxurious hotel room in a beautiful location during a long-anticipated vacation. A heartfelt gifting moment from one person to another. A high-rolling, boast-worthy night at a casino. A coveted “wallet trophy” for a brand loyal retail customer. A week’s worth of groceries – real groceries – from parents who are missing their college student from halfway across the country.

It is with this recognition that we approach every phase of card creation – from expertly astute design to thoughtful enhancements and technologies that elevate the artwork, to rigorous quality controls that ensure the card is as functional as it is beautiful.

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PLI delivers on the effective translation of real client needs and ideas into unique and relevant finished gifts, loyalty, access, ticketing, and event products that people love.

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